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My wishlist

This is my wishlist. I tried to cut down my list and think about which fanlisting I really would like to own and so this is my list. (Argh I have so many things that I LOVE!!)

Last update: February 25, 2008

Stripped by Christina Aguilera
"Stripped" is one of my fave album ever. I'm a fan of Christina, fan of her powerful voice and this album is the is a deeper album, it reveals to us, probably, the true Christina.
The strong Christina.
Awww I adore the beagles. I have a beagle, my girl Ally, and I love her of course. They're so beautiful, very stubborn but I like the challenges *lol*.
Characters: TV
Dawson's Creek: Dawson Leery
Dawson, the dreamer. I'm a "dreamer" and probably this is the reason why Dawson is my fave character of the TV Show "Dawson's Creek". DC was the very first TV Show that appreciated so much and I have to say that: I was "obsessed", I was addicted of it. I always loved the TV Show, I'm addicted, and this one is on of my fave ever.
Gilmore Girls: Lorelai Gilmore
Lorelai, the best woman in TV! Wow, I think that every daughter dreams a mom like her. She's strong and I love her. She's my fave char from "Gilmore Girls" and everytime I see her suffers, damn I suffer with her. *damn Luke!".
French Fries & Chicken
Oh my, I decide to put together 2 foods in one wish because the french fries and the chicken are the best for me! I can't divide them! No no. I love the potatoes and I love every kind of them, fries or furnace type ect...I can't resist to them. And the same with chicken!
The pizza! Damn you can't love pizza, the italian pizza! No no. I'm italian and I think I can't live without it!
Save the last Dance
Save the last Dance. I so adore it, I watched it 100+ times, I remember I watched it every single day in a past! I love the hip hop, the story between Sara & Derek and Derek! Cool soundtrack too!
Step Up

Step Up, it become one of my fave movie lately (it arrived on the cinema in feb. 2007 here in italy). Like I said for STLD movie, I love the hip hop and in this movie we can find it and the jazz. Adore the soundtrack, I listen it over and over again now. Channing Tatum, is damn hot and Jenna Dewan (already seen on "Take a Lead") is so great too! Perfect chemist <3 (KIM list)

Dance Movies
Like you can see and understand the dance movies are my fave kind of movies! I can't resist to watch them and I can't resist to sit down! I know I have to do when I go to the cinema, but at home no way! I love dance! (KIM list)
Musicians: Female
Christina Aguilera
Like I already said on "Stripped" album I love her and her voice.
Musicians: Male
Nick Carter
Nick, oh damn Nick! He's my favourite from the Backstreet Boys since always! I can't explain what I feel whan I see him, in concert, or when I hear his voice in the songs.
Relationships: TV
Luke Danes and Lorelai Gilmore
Luke & Lorelai, the only reason why I watch Gilmore Girls. *lol* Not true, not true! I'm addicted to any kind of TV Show and GG is one of my favourite, I adore all characters and L&L is my fave couple. I'm so suffering in seeing evolution of their lovestory, I hope always in an happy ending!

TV Shows

Dawson's Creek
Dawson's Creek is the 1st very important TV Show for me! The 1st one that I became obsessed and I known everything about it! I still so love it and Dawson / Joey, yep I'm a big DJer!
Gilmore Girls
Gilmore Girls, the girls most crazy in the world! Adore them exp. Lorelai, the mom, the big mom! Every single character is special, you can't live without them. Beautiful, funny and more.


Fanlistings I wanted so bad, and I adopted/was approved for!

Now or Never (Nick Carter) on September 30, 2007. Thanks Rebekah!

Anime & Manga
Kimi wa Pet {approved} Thanks Kel!

Derek (STLD) {approved}
Honey (Honey) {approved} Thanks Meaghan!

01.07 - Detention (DC) {approved} Thanks Julie!

Bags: shoulder {approved} Thanks Kim!

Hitch {approved} Thanks Hoppy!
Honey {approved} Thanks Hoppy!

Backstreet Boys {co-owner} Thanks to my lovely friend Clo!
Tiziano Ferro {adopted} Thanks Iva!
Edwin McCain {adopted} Thanks Shannon!

People Misc
Dancers {adopted} Thanks Nathalie!

Dawson & Joey (Dawson's Creek) {approved} Thanks Morgan!
Ally & Larry (Ally McBeal) {approved} Thanks Morgan!
Joan & Adam (Joan of Arcadia) {adopted} Thanks Candice!
Derek & Sara (Save The Last Dance) {adopted} Thanks Kine!

I'll Be by Edwin McCain {adopted} Thanks Sere!
Dirrty by Christina Aguilera {adopted} Thanks Shannon!
Fighter by Christina Aguilera {approved} Thanks Helena!
Drive by Incubus {adopted} Thanks Jackie!
Gabriel by Lamb {approved} Thanks Allie!
Crazy in Love by Beyoncè & Jay-Z {approved} Thanks Anouska!

Physical listings
Brian Littrell's voice {approved}
Christina Aguilera's voice {adopted} Thanks Claudia!

Peugeot 206 {approved} Thanks Adrienne!

it's so hard made a selection...