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tiziano ferro

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who is Tiziano?

Tiziano Ferro was born in Latina on the 21st of February 1980. Since 2005 he moved to London.

Following the brilliant results achieved at the high school, Tiziano enrolled at the university where he attended two different Faculties: one year in engineering and then information and communication sciences, both in Rome. Much better the results achieved with music: 7 years of classical guitar, 1 year of drums and 2 years of piano.

In 1996, aged 16, he entered the local gospel choir, which helped him out in improving his vocal skills and pushed him to better know the black music.

On the '96 - '97 two year period, he also attended a school of dubbing and worked as speaker in a couple of local radio stations.
During the two following years he enrolled into the Sanremo Song Academy: the first year was a disaster as he didn't go further to the first week, while in 1998 he succeeded in getting one of the 12 finalists. Tiziano's performance attracted the attention of the producers Mara Majonchi and Alberto Salerno, who offered him a deal and started to work together; they teamed him up with several arranger until they finally found Michele Canova who is the one who finally understood and transformed Tiziano's ideas into the sought for sound. While the songs started to take shape, in 1999 Tiziano takes part to the Sottotono tour as a background vocalist.
In 2001 Tiziano signed a deal with EMI and in July of the same year he released his first single ever: the title of this single is "Perdono" and in matter of two months he finds himself on top of both the Italian singles sales chart and the airplay.