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About Nick Carter
Nick Carter is taking his career to new levels. The blonde-haired, blue-eyed heartthrob from the Backstreet Boys is back with the group and making his acting debut. Nick has practically grown up on stage in front of millions of adoring fans and has now matured by degrees, which is reflected in his vocals. He has experienced success both as a member of the Backstreet Boys - who have sold 60 million albums - and also as a solo artist.

Starting as the youngest member of the Backstreet Boys at the tender age of twelve and performing all across the world with the group for seven years, Nick is expanding both the depth and breadth of his career in music and his career overall. He is dedicated to his bandmates, focused on his future in the music industry, and has entered the field of acting with desire and dedication to learn the craft.

Nick’s dreamy looks, warm smile and sexy vocals are now complimented by his maturity and experience. He is taking that experience and expressing it through both his music – he is crossing over into heading his own record label, and into acting in both film and television.

The success of Carter’s solo album, Now or Never, was just his first individual career endeavor. As his hectic world-wide schedule was winding down, Carter decided to commit himself to becoming an all-around entertainer by pursuing his passionate interest in acting. After meeting hot young producer Dan Levin, Carter auditioned for the Platform Entertainment feature, The Hollow, an updated remake of the classic Sleepy Hollow. Levin deemed Carter a natural and cast him in the starring role of Brody, a brooding football jock opposite Kaley Cucko of “8 Simple Rules” fame and Kevin Zegers ("Air Bud," "Wrong Turn," and "Dawn of the Dead").

The buzz about Carter’s acting prowess grew during the production of The Hollow. His name was sizzling among Hollywood circles for a number of high profile roles and even a TV sitcom. Carter, however, decided he wanted to firmly entrench himself in smaller features before accepting roles in big Hollywood mainstream films. Thus decided, Carter chose The Lions Gate production, The Brew, from director Toby Hooper who is best known for his productions of the “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” and “Poltergeist.” Again Carter teamed up with producer Dan Levin, with filming on the feature which began in October 2004. In The Brew, Carter stars as Ian, a college student who inherits a brewery and decides to sell it for money. As he and his friends clean the place, lurking in the cellar are some long-dead ancestors who have been locked away, living off beer made from human blood. The ancestors get loose and lock the kids in the brewery, where the feeding begins. Movie co-stars include Amanda Plummer.

Even with his busy schedule, life is not all work for Nick Carter. When not recording or touring, he enjoys surfing, sailing, boating, and diving. Carter feels very strongly about protecting the ocean, and to do his part to help preserve the ocean he created Nick Carter’s Ocean Campaign. Carter feels very strongly about the environment and intends to become more involved to help protect it.

As a result of his upbringing and successful music career, Carter has learned and experienced a lot more of the world than the typical American teenager. This, he says, has made him, “much more caring and aware when it comes to the world and the people, creatures, and ecosystems that share this planet.” Carter is looking forward to sharing his experiences with as many people as he can, and in learning more about the potential and dimensions that life has to offer.

(thanks to the official website: backstreetboys.com)

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