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This shoujo is know with different names, for example:
- "Sei il mio Cucciolo" (in Italy);
- "Kimi wa Pet" (in Japan);
- "Tramps Like Us" (in USA).


Fed-up with a life of being under-appreciated and disrespected, Sumire Iwaya decides to change things when she picks up a young boy off the street and brings him into her house. Despite being total opposites, the two seem to complement one another as they try to carve out an ordinary life for themselves.

Tramps Like Us was originally published in Japan by Kodansha as Kimi ha Pet, and inspired a hit live-action TV series that starred Jun Matsumoto.

About the characters

Sumire Iwaya
A young woman who's been everyone's doormat for as long as she can remember ... until the day she meets Momo.

A young man whom Sumire takes in off the street and builds an unorthodox friendship with.

About the author: Yayoi Ogawa

Ogawa-san's official website is located at http://www.linkclub.or.jp/~asasin Her DOB is Dec. 1, and she was raised in Kanagawa prefecture next to Tokyo. She worked for a newspaper company until 1998. She won the "Mimi & Kiss" first-manga award from Kodansha and had her manga debut in 1994 with "Sugao ni Kisu Shite" (Kiss My Unpainted Face). She currently publishes her work in "Kiss" magazine.

source: TokyoPop.com (characters infos, author infos & introduction)

TV - Serie "Kimi wa Petto"

A japanese drama that aired on spring 2003 on channel TBS. Acted by Jun Matsumoto as Goda Takeshi/Momo and Koyuki as Sumire Iwaya.

Sumire Momo
thanks to: jdorama.com

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