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About Pacey / Andie during the season two of Dawson's Creek:

In season two, Pacey goes through a radical change when he starts dating Andie McPhee, an academic overachiever who tries to help Pacey reform his study habits. She does and Pacey begins to do well in school, even achieving his first-ever A. But Andie begins to suffer some psychological problems, which are due to the tragic death of her eldest brother Tim, and the effect that it has on her family, and this affects her relationship with Pacey. She suffers a nervous breakdown when she begins to hallucinate that she is seeing her deceased brother, and takes a leave of absence for a stay in a mental health facility. Pacey misses her terribly and when his father makes a snide comment about Andie being crazy, he hits him. In season 2 we see the strained relationship he has with his father and the effect Andie has on that relationship. Near the end of the season, Andie tells his father over the phone to give Pacey a hug for her, and his father does. This ultimately leads to a touching moment — it seems that they have put their past behind them and, for the first time on screen, Pacey looks for some support from his father and actually gets it. Along with loving Andie he feels like he must protect her brother jack. This is highlighted when Jack is forced to read a very personal poem in front of the class which reveals that Jack is possibly a homosexual and it ends up with Pacey spitting in the teachers face. This shows a defiant side to Pacey and we see the lengths he will go to defend a friend or someone who he feels is being mistreated in any way or form. [source]

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Andie: Okay, I admit it, you're right, I'm a sucker for taffeta. The sight of the little flower girl makes me weepy. I'm a wedding fanatic...there are you happy? Huh?

02.18 - A Perfect Wedding

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