Now or Never

Now or Never is a 2002 pop-rock album by Nick Carter (of the Backstreet Boys). The album debuted at #17 its first week, selling some 70,000 copies. It fell out of the Top 50 in its second week but sold well enough to eventually be certified Gold.


01. Help Me (Matthew Gerrard; Michele Vice)
02. My Confession (G. Clark; M. Brammer; Nick Carter)
03. I Stand for You (Brian Kierulf; Josh Schwartz; Nick Carter)
04. Do I Have to Cry for You (Brian Kierulf; Josh Schwartz; Nick Carter)
05. Girls in the USA (Brian Kierulf; Josh Schwartz; Nick Carter)
06. I Got You (Max Martin; Rami)
07. Is It Saturday Yet? (G. Clark; M. Brammer; Nick Carter; Steven Lunt)
08. Blow Your Mind (Max Martin; P. Aldeheim; Rami)
09. Miss America (Aleena; M. Taylor; S. Lee)
10. I Just Wanna Take You Home (Max Martin; P. Aldeheim; Rami)
11. Heart Without a Home (I'll Be Yours) (S. Mac; W. Hector)
12. Who Needs the World (C. Midnight; G. Edwards; L. Christy; S. Spock)

Bonus Track:
13. Scandalicious (Nick Carter, Daniel Gibson, Douglas Carr, Julius Bengtsson)
14. Forever Rebel (Nick Carter, William Johnson, Philip Thornalley)

source: wikipedia

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