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about miss krystal

Krystal Harris is a very inspirational young woman. She has starred in roles on television and in movies. She writes inspirational music and music that relates to her life.

You probably recognize her as the black-spiked hair girl from "The Princess Diaries". Now she has gone from KRYStAL! to Miss Krystal. She has had many looks; first, black-spiked hair, then black hair longer and flipped out at the ends, and now the same look with strawberry blonde hair.

She has been in a t.v. series called "The It Factor", a shows about aspiring musicians and actors making the climb to the top. She was also cast as "Diggy" in a tv series called "Save The Last Dance", but the show didn't get picked up. She also has starred in a couple Disney movies.


Most Recent Role: Herself (Season 2) on "The It Factor"
Birth Name: Krystal Marie Harris
Alias Name(s): Krystal, Miss Krystal, K & Krys
Birthplace: Anderson, Indiana
Birthday: 11-7-1981 (mm/dd/aaaa)


• She appeared as herself in the 2002 Disney movie, The Country Bears, where she performed the song, "The Kid In You", which is also on the soundtrack;
• She is best known for her song "Supergirl" which appeared on the soundtrack for the Disney movie The Princess Diaries as well as her only album, 2001's "Me & My Piano";
• She has worked with the Backstreet Boys;
• Musically, she likes Papa Roach, Limp Bizkit, OutKast, Eminem, Al Green, Ray Charles, Stevie Wonder, and the Backstreet Boys;
• In her spare time she like working out at the gym;
• Her astrological sign is scorpio;
• Her favorite song on her album is "You're the Reason".
• She is 5 ft. tall;
• She is an only child;
• Her celebrity crush is Lenny Kravitz;
• She collects comics and her favorite is Superman;
• Her favorite sport is basketball;
• Currently has one CD out, called "Me & My Piano";
• Her parent's names are Phil and Shelley;
• She has her nose pierced and has a "K" tattoo and her left arm;
• She is Christian;
She plays the piano, guitar, bass, flute, and drums;
• Has been singing since she was 18 months old, and has been playing piano since she was 3.

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Opened for Backstreet Boys on the Black and Blue Tour;
• Cut her long, naturally blond, hair really short, and died it black, before she released her debut album. Died it "fire red/orange" in the summer of 2002.