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I'm re-adding codes/fanlistings.
Note: I put together some categories like TV, music, book/movies.
For example: TV category

  • Characters: TV
  • Relationships: TV
  • TV Shows
  • TV/Movie/Book Miscellany
  • Advertising/TV Channels
  • Personalities

Showing listings under the TV » TV Shows category...

 7th Heaven:  8 Simple Rules:  Ally McBeal:  Ally McBeal: Season 4:  American Gothic:  Arrested Development:  Berlin, Berlin:  Beverly Hills, 90210:  Blossom:  Boston Public:  Cosby Show, The:  Dark Angel:  Dawson's Creek:  Dawson's Creek - Season 1:  Dawson's Creek - Season 4:  Dead Zone, The:  Desperate  Housewives:  Dharma & Greg:  ER:  Felicity:  Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air:  Friends:  Full House:  Genres: Sitcoms:  Ghost Whisperer:  Gilmore Girls:  Gilmore Girls: Season 1:  Gilmore Girls: Season 2:  Gilmore Girls: Season 3:  Gilmore Girls: Season 4:  Gilmore Girls: Season 5:  Gossip Girl:  Grey's Anatomy:  Grey's Anatomy: Season 1:  Grey's Anatomy: Season 2:  Grey's Anatomy: Season 3:  Growing Pains:  Happy Days:  Hills, The:  Home Improvement:  House:  Inside, The:  Instant Star:  Joan of Arcadia:  Laguna Beach:  Life Goes On:  Little Britain:  Lost:  Lost: Season 1:  Lost: Season 2:  Lost: Season 3:  Malcom in the Middle:  McLeod’s Daughters:  Mr. Bean:  My Name Is Earl:  Nanny, The:  O.C., The:  One Tree Hill: Season 4:  Pimp My Ride:  Roswell:  Roswell: Season 1:  Roswell: Season 3:  Saved By The Bell:  Skins:  Sue Thomas: F.B. Eye:  That's So Raven:  Tru Calling:  TV Shows:  Veronica Mars:  What I Like About You:  Will and Grace:

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