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I'm re-adding codes/fanlistings.
Note: I put together some categories like TV, music, book/movies.
For example: TV category

  • Characters: TV
  • Relationships: TV
  • TV Shows
  • TV/Movie/Book Miscellany
  • Advertising/TV Channels
  • Personalities

Showing listings under the Book/Movie » Relationships: Book/Movie category...

 Brokeback Mountain: del Mar, Ennis and Jack Twist:  Grease: Olsson, Sandy and Danny Zuko:  High School Musical: Bolton, Troy and Gabriella Montez:  Moulin Rouge: Christian and Satine:  Romeo and Juliet: Benvolio and Romeo Montague:  Romeo and Juliet: Mercutio and Romeo Montague:  Save the last Dance: Johnson, Sara and Derek Reynolds:  Step Up (2006): Clark, Nora and Tyler Gage:  Step Up 2 the Streets: Collins, Chase and Andie West:

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