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I'm re-adding codes/fanlistings.
Note: I put together some categories like TV, music, book/movies.
For example: TV category

  • Characters: TV
  • Relationships: TV
  • TV Shows
  • TV/Movie/Book Miscellany
  • Advertising/TV Channels
  • Personalities

Showing listings under the TV » Characters: TV category...

 Ally McBeal: Larry Paul:  Ally McBeal: McBeal, Ally:  Arrested Development: Bluth, George Michael:  Arrested Development: Bluth, Michael:  Bold and the Beautiful, The: Logan, Brooke:  Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Giles, Rupert:  Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Harris, Xander:  Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Osbourne, Daniel 'Oz':  Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Rosenberg, Willow:  Charmed: Wyatt, Leo:  Dark Angel: Cale, Logan aka Eyes Only:  Dark Angel: Guevara, Max (X5-452):  Dawson's Creek: Leery, Dawson:  Dawson's Creek: Liddel, Audrey:  Dawson's Creek: Lindley, Jen:  Dawson's Creek: McPhee, Andrea ‘Andie’:  Dawson's Creek: McPhee, Jack:  Desperate  Housewives: Scavo, Lynette:  Desperate Housewives: Van De Kamp, Bree:  ER: Carter, John:  ER: Greene, Mark:  ER: Hathaway, Carol:  ER: Ross, Douglas 'Doug':  Family Matters: Urkel, Steve:  Felicity: Crane, Noel:  Felicity: Rotundi, Meghan:  Friends: Bing, Chandler:  Friends: Geller, Ross:  Friends: [+] All Characters:  Ghost Whisperer: Gordon, Melinda:  Gilmore Girls: Danes, Luke:  Gilmore Girls: Forester, Dean:  Gilmore Girls: Gellar, Paris:  Gilmore Girls: Gerard, Michel:  Gilmore Girls: Kim, Lane:  Gilmore Girls: Kim, Mrs.:  Gilmore Girls: Lorelai Gilmore:  Gilmore Girls: Lynn, Madeline:  Gilmore Girls: Marty:  Gilmore Girls: Rygalski, Dave:  Gilmore Girls: St. James, Sookie:  Gilmore Girls: [+] All Characters:  Grey's Anatomy: Bailey, Miranda:  Grey's Anatomy: Burke, Preston:  Grey's Anatomy: Duquette, Denny:  Grey's Anatomy: Grey, Meredith:  Grey's Anatomy: O'Malley, George:  Grey's Anatomy: Shepherd, Derek:  Grey's Anatomy: Stevens, Isobel 'Izzie':  Grey's Anatomy: Yang, Cristina:  Grey's Anatomy: [+] All Characters:  House: Chase, Robert:  House: House, Gregory:  Joan of Arcadia: Girardi, Joan:  Joan of Arcadia: [+] All Characters:  Lost: Carlyle, Boone:  Lost: Eko, Mr.:  Lost: Jarrah, Sayid:  Lost: Kwon, Jin:  Lost: Kwon, Sun Paik:  Lost: Locke, John:  Lost: Pace, Charlie:  Lost: Reyes, Hugo 'Hurley':  Lost: [+] All Characters:  Malcom in the Middle: [+] All Characters:  O.C., The: Cohen, Sandy:  O.C., The: Cohen, Seth:  O.C., The: Roberts, Summer:  O.C., The: Stern, Anna:  One Tree Hill: Jagielski, Jake:  One Tree Hill: [+] All Characters:  Roseanne: Conner, Roseanne:  Roseanne: Healy, David:  Roswell: Kyle Valenti:  Roswell: Parker, Liz:  Roswell: Whitman, Alex:  Sabrina the Teenage Witch: Kinkle, Harvey Dwight:  Sabrina the Teenage Witch: Spellman, Sabrina:  Scrubs: Dorian, John 'JD':  Scrubs: Turk, Chris:  Scrubs: [+] All Characters:  Sex and the City: Big, Mr.:  Sex and the City: Bradshaw, Carrie:  Sex and the City: Harry Goldenblatt:  Sex and the City: Jones, Samantha:  Sex and the City: Miranda Hobbes:  Sex and the City: York, Charlotte:  Six Feet Under: Fisher, David:  Skins: Jenkins, Sidney 'Sid':  Skins: Miles, Chris:  Supernatural: Winchester, Dean:  That's so Raven: Baxter, Raven:  Tru Calling: Davis:  Tru Calling: Davis, Tru:  Ugly Betty: St. James, Marc:  Ugly Betty: Suarez, Betty:  Veronica Mars: Casablancas, Cassidy 'Beaver':  Veronica Mars: Echolls, Logan:  Veronica Mars: Mackenzie, Cindy 'Mac':  Veronica Mars: Mars, Keith:  Veronica Mars: Mars, Veronica:  Veronica Mars: Navarro, Eli ‘Weevil’:  Veronica Mars: Piznarski, Stosh 'Piz':  Veronica Mars: [+] All Characters:  Veronica Mars: [+] The Mars Family:  Will and Grace: Adler, Grace:  Will and Grace: Truman, Will:  Will and Grace: [+] All Characters:  X-Files: Mulder, Fox:  X-Files: Scully, Dana:

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