Hello, I'm Ilaria! I'm the owner of The Greatest Fan or Your Life the fanlisting about Edwin McCain's song "I'll Be". This song is my favourite Edwin's song, i have to say thank to Sere because give it to me and makes me soooo happy! <33

I've known this song thanks to one of my favourite tv show "Dawson's Creek", it was on the 1st season and then in the 6th season (episode #1.12 and #6.23), two different DJers moment, and in fact we consider it a DJer song :) <3

The layout isn't my best work, i know and i'm sorry and sad about that. Maybe (and i hope that) the right inspiration will be later! LOL


This fanlisting was re-opened on September 05, 2006 and it's part of STAR-lett and TFL Network and maintained with Enthusiast.

The previous owner was Sere, thanks girl! You made my year! <3

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May 02, 2008: 50 fans!

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