about the episode

Dawson, Pacey, Joey and Jen all wind up spending an 8-hour Saturday in detention at Capeside High under the supervision of Mrs. Tingle, the school librarian. Abby Morgan, a fellow trouble-maker, stirs the pot by initiating a telling game of truth or dare to break up the monotony of the day. Afraid that Jen isn't physically attracted to him, Dawson's insecurity causes him to fight with Pacey. Matters are only complicated by the drawn-out truth or dare kiss between his best friend and his girlfriend. Later, Jen airs her frustration about not being accepted in the small town and frankly questions Joey about the friction between the two of them. While coolly composed most of the time, Joey panics when her intense feelings for Dawson threaten to boil over after she is dared to kiss him.

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about the music

#106 "Detention" (formerly titled "Breakfast Club")
Episode #7/128
Original Air Date: 03/03/1998
Episode #7 on the Season 1 DVD set
Score Music By: Adam Fields

In this episode themed after the movie "The Breakfast Club", the gang all lands Saturday detention, where bitter rivalries arise between Dawson and Pacey; and Joey and Jen.

#1 song:
"Stupid" - Chickenpox
Album: At Mickey Cohen's Thursdaynight Pokergame
Website: www.burningheart.com/chickenpox/index.html
Scene: Joey in front of the class at the map. Dawson sees Jen and Pacey talking in the hallway together laughing.

#2 song:
"Saturday" - Colony
Album: Siren (MCA)
Website: www.colonyband.com
Scene: Heard in various scenes during detention.

#3 song:
"A Lot Like You" - Colony
Album: Siren (MCA)
Website: www.colonyband.com
Scene: When the gang goes to the bathrooms.

#4 song:
"Grace" - Michelle Malone
Album: Beneath The Devil Moon (Velvel)
Website: www.michellemalone.com
Scene: Joey and Dawson are kissing on a dare from Pacey.

#5 song:
"Will Tomorrow Ever Come" - Dance Hall Crashers
Album: Honey I'm Homely (MCA)
Website: www.dancehallcrashers.com
Scene: The gang realizes they must get back to the library so they scrambleto get back ("Breakfast Club" scene).