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Josephine "Joey" Lillian Potter (played by Katie Holmes) is a fictional character in the American television drama Dawson's Creek.

Joey has been friends with Dawson Leery since they were young. She lives with her sister, Bessie, Bessie's son Alexander and (sometimes) Bessie's boyfriend Bodie. Her father, Mike, is in prison for drug trafficking, and her mother, Lillian, died of cancer.

The first two seasons see Joey's initially unrequited love for Dawson develop into a relationship, which soon turns sour when Joey feels she needs to "find herself." She briefly dates the new guy in town, Jack McPhee, but he discovers he is gay and they break up. At the end of the second season, Joey and Dawson get back together briefly, but she banishes him from her life after he convinces her to wear a wire to get evidence to convict her father for drug trafficking again.

After they break up, Dawson wants Joey to have someone she can talk to, and so asks his best friend Pacey Witter to keep an eye on her. As the season progresses, Joey and Pacey develop feelings for each other. When Dawson finds out, he is furious and the friendship between the three of them never really returns to normal. In the season finale, Joey says she can't choose between the two of them, but after Dawson tells her to go to Pacey, who is leaving to spend the summer sailing down to Florida, she joins Pacey on his boat and they spend a glorious summer together.

When Joey and Pacey return to Capeside in the fourth season, however, harsh realities strike. Joey, now a senior, needs to get a scholarship in order to afford college. She is offered a place at the prestigious Worthington College, but does not get enough financial aid and so decides to turn the offer down, until Dawson offers to give her some of the money willed to him by a friend, enabling her to go to Worthington. Pacey, however, feels insecure about Joey's success and believes that he isn't good enough for her, so he breaks up with her at the end of the season.

The fifth and sixth seasons span Joey's first two years at Worthington College. She becomes close friends with roommate Audrey Liddell, who later dates Pacey. Joey is briefly involved with one of her professors in season five, before getting together with Dawson at the start of season six, when they finally sleep together. Joey discovers Dawson already had a girlfriend back in Los Angeles, however, and breaks up with him once again. Joey dates a classmate, Eddie, but they break up near the end of the season. Joey also briefly rekindles her romance with Pacey, but this does not work out.

The final two episodes are set five years in the future, when Joey and all her friends return to Capeside for the wedding of Dawson's mother Gale (his father died in the fifth season). During this double episode, Joey finally chooses, once and for all, between Dawson and Pacey. She says that while Dawson is her soulmate, the love she has for him is eternally pure and innocent, whereas she can see having a romantic, sexual relationship with Pacey. In the final scene, she and Pacey watch Dawson's semi-autobiographical TV show "The Creek" in her apartment, before calling up Dawson together when they discover he is to meet his hero, Steven Spielberg.


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