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In 1997, viewers were introduced to Dawson and Joey, life-long friends and soul mates. This wholesome friendship, beginning with years of Joey climbing through Dawson's bedroom window, grew increasingly complicated when the two matured. As their relationship would swing between longtime companions and love interests, their friendship was tested by Joey's relationship with Pacey, and Dawson's relationship with Jen.

Dawson Leery, first introduced as an aspiring filmmaker with a Spielberg fixation, grew in many ways over the last several years. Still contemplating his last kiss with his lifelong friend and confidante Joey, Dawson followed his Hollywood dream and embarked on an internship in the film industry. The unexpected death of his father changed Dawson's plans, and he found himself moving to Boston and producing a student film.

Joey Potter, the ultimate girl-next-door, suffered a difficult childhood in which she lost her mother to cancer and faced her father's imprisonment. She was raised by her sister, a single mother, and like many of today's children, Joey was forced to grow-up far too quickly. Having become an honorary member of Dawson's family early on led to problems when the two became romantically involved. After high school, Joey enrolled at Worthington College in Boston and began the challenges of living up to her own academic expectations. Along the way she found some new loves, but none measured up to those in Capeside.


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