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Hello, I'm Ilaria! Welcome in the approved fanlisting for relationship between Dawson Leery and Joey Potter from the tv show "Dawson's Creek" (1998-2003).

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 Actresses: Michelle Williams  DC Chars: Andie McPhee  DC Chars: Dawson Leery  DC Chars: Jen Lindley  DC Chars: Joey Potter  Episodes: 01.07 Detention  Episodes: 01.12 Beauty Contest  Episodes: 02.02 Crossroads  Relationships: Andie McPhee and Jack McPhee  Relationships: Andie McPhee and Pacey Witter  Relationships: Jen Lindley and Jack McPhee  Relationships: Pacey Witter and Joey Potter  Season 1  Season 3  Songs: Edwin McCain: I'll Be  [+] All Relationships  _Fansite: Daisy Love

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