1.01 - Pilot

The first season, 13 pre-filmed episodes, ran from January 20 to May 19, 1998. This season takes place on the characters' first half of their sophomore year of high-school.

1.12 Beauty Contest 05/12/1998
Capeside's annual Miss Windjammer contest gets turned on its ear when it draws some unexpected contestants. Jen tries to persuade Joey to enter but she won't have any part of it. After finding out the winner receives a $5,000 prize for college tuition, Joey changes her mind.
Joey asks Jen to help shed her tomboy image so she can enter a beauty competition to make something of herself, while Pacey decides to do the same much to the annoyance of the other female contenders. While Dawson covers the competition as his first news-run gig with his mother's assistance, Jen begins to regret her breakup with Dawson.

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